Past Sunday Prayers

5th Sunday of Easter
May 2nd 2021

You, Lord, are the love of my life
Every word and thought; deed and intention is based on love
Everything grows strong and healthy when tended with love
The sick are healed by love

You, Lord, are the source of love
Through You we grow in strength and faith
Your Spirit stays within our hearts
And drives us forwards with courage to do Your will

You, Lord, are the glory of Your Father in Heaven
In You we all find a place of peace and solace
You, Lord, are my strength and my hope
I pray to stay with You, always
Attached to You through love
May Your love always be my life

4th Sunday of Easter
April 25th 2021

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be healed and stand upright
To see the face of God and live

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be listened to
To be cared for and kept safe from all danger and harm

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask for a peaceful life
Help us to understand one another
and to act with love and kindness
We are Your children, Lord,
and we need Your love and protection

In the name of Jesus Our Lord
We ask to be made worthy
to receive the gift of Your Holy Body and Blood
We pray to do God’s will
in the name of Jesus, His Beloved Son

3rd Sunday of Easter
April 18th 2021

We are witnesses to the truth of God’s presence
in the Holy Eucharist
We see the light of God’s love

Raise our spirits
and give us hope in a future
based on faith, hope and love

Our actions bear witness to the truth of God
With new found courage and an absence of fear
we step out of the dark
and into the light where we can be seen
to be God’s witnesses
to the truth of the Resurrection

Lord, make us worthy to receive the great gifts
of truth and peace
We pray to be true witnesses
all the days of our lives


We have not seen You Lord
But we love You
You show us Your Divine Mercy
By giving us the glorious gift of Your Son, Jesus
And the precious gift of faith in You

Help us, Lord, to trust in Your goodness
that You always know what is best for us
We ask to remain faithful to You
no matter what happens
all the days of our lives
and till the end of time


April 4th 2021

The first rays of light bring in a new awakening dawn
And with them the Easter message of new hope, life and a fresh beginning
Giving our daily lives a fuller and richer meaning
Through the Resurrection we see our Risen Lord
With the faith that needs no proof or signs

Lord, Your promise to be with us always is all we will ever need
You have planted in us the holy seed
From which will grow a rich and bountiful harvest
You have shown us how to reap what we sow
Praise and glory be Yours, yesterday, today and tomorrow


March 28th 2021

Lord, nothing is what it seems
Good comes from bad
Bad comes from good
Rejoicing turns into jeering

You spent Your life healing
But instead of thanking You
They condemned You to death

When our lives begin we think we will live forever
But in midlife we realise that time is of the essence
Lord, You teach us the value of prayer
It is through prayer that we are carried forwards
nto the goodness of light and love

Love is unchanging
Love lasts forever
Lord, You are everything we need to see the world as it really is
We pray to be united as one being in the body of Christ

5th Sunday of Lent
March 21st 2021

Lord, take me by the hand
Lead me, and I will follow You
It is my purpose to serve You
Through prayer and acts of goodness

Father, show me how to do good
Come into my heart
So that I know You as well as I know myself
Being close to You is the most natural way to be

Everything in this life makes sense through the will of God
Even death
The end of life on earth and the beginning of eternal life
Lord, help us to live life to the full with You alongside us

Do not let us waste one moment in the pursuit of idle dreams
God Our Father, we glorify You, thank You and praise You
Through Jesus Our Saviour

4th Sunday of Lent
March 14th 2021

We pray to live a good life from the beginning to the end
We need Your gift of grace, Lord, to keep us going when life is tough
We need the light of Your love to shine in our hearts to show us the way to live
according to the will of God Our Father

We are a people who live in the light
Darkness cannot overcome us
Lord, You are the Saviour of the world
Every one of us is saved by Your grace

We thank You, Lord, for everything You have done and continue to do for us
Help us to live a good life in the presence of God

3rd Sunday of Lent
March 7th 2021

We pray to do right by God
To listen to our conscience
When we are unable to tell
What is right and what is wrong

Without the help of God’s grace and the gift of wisdom
the mysteries of life and death are unfathomable to us
Let us take the time to stand back
and survey our lives
from a different point of view

No matter how we look we see things as we wish to see them
and not how they really are

It is painful to admit when we are wrong
We ask for God’s grace to help us be strong in our faith
and be scrupulously honest with ourselves
We pray to do right by God, always

2nd Sunday of Lent
February 28th 2021

Take my hand, Lord, and lead me up Your holy mountain
Away from the fears of the darkness
Bring me close to God’s holy light
On the mountain I offer up everything I have and am
to God Our Father in Heaven
Radiate Your holy light over all the world

Reveal the goodness of the Lord to us
We pray to understand the meaning of life after death
Eternal light – shine on us day and night
You are always present among us

Your light shines even more brightly
in complete darkness
We pray to be close to You

1st Sunday of Lent
February 21st 2021

Lord, Your hand reaches down from heaven to earth
and God never lets go of His hold of me
My connection is solid
and my relationship is permanent

Lord, do not let me take Your love for granted
as though I am entitled to it
and therefore, I need do nothing

The Spirit of God moves me to do something for God
in return for all the good things God has done for me
Take me to that holy place where the Spirit
can find and protect me from the temptation to live apart from God
in my own world

The Holy Spirit takes me by my hand
and places it into the hand of Jesus Our Lord,
and brings me closer to God Our Father in Heaven

6th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 14th 2021

Lord, it is difficult to watch
as people turn away from one another
It hurts to be shunned
Instead of drawing closer
we avoid each other

All of this is bad for the soul
We must be assured that it is safe to be in touch
in such a way that our souls are uplifted
and we remain happy to live our lives
in peace and harmony

Lord, You feel sorry for the ones who are rejected by society
and You hold out Your healing hand
towards each one of us
We are safe with You

We are in the best place on earth
when You are touching us
through the love we have in our hearts and souls

5th Sunday in Ordinary Time
February 7th 2021

My time on earth passes very quickly
I have little time to achieve something good
for the benefit of my fellow human beings
In the vast scheme of things, my life is just a breath

I need Your healing power, Lord, to give me the strength
to reach out to others
And pray for the healing of the sick
And pray for the broken hearted
who think their grief will never end

But You, Lord, bring us hope and solace
In You we have a healer who knows how to heal us quietly
and with dignity

When I am healed and have regained my strength
I pray to carry out Your Divine Will, Lord,
wherever it might take me

4th Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 31st 2021

There are times when we should keep silent
Let us be careful how we use words in case we distort the truth
We can rely on the Word of God to teach us the truth
How to recognise the truth
How to speak the truth and when to speak

God Our Father invested all authority in Jesus
so that we might listen to Him, wholeheartedly
Lord, help to speak with words of truth which come from You
Silence me if I am saying the wrong thing at the wrong time
I pray to be led by You, always

3rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 24th 2021

The truth is very beautiful in itself
How much more amazingly beautiful is the truth
that belongs to God
God’s truth is not hidden away, neither is it distorted

The world we live in shapes our understanding of truth
Lord, You know our world very well
How it complicates the simple truth and hides its openness
I follow You, Lord, because You are the truth
You are the Word of God

The way of truth is the path to the Kingdom of God
The good news is that we can believe, understand
and accept the real truth
Lord, help us to recognise the truth
and follow it with courage, confidence
and strength of character

2nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
January 17th 2021

How lucky I am to know who You are, Lord
You reveal Your truth and beauty
in ways which are gentle and kind
You do not force me to do anything
although You have the power to do so

Instead, Lord, You speak to me, over and over again,
and You wait patiently for me to recognise Your voice
God trust us to find our way back to Him
Thank You, Lord, for calling me to follow You
to the end of my life

January 10th 2021

The Baptism of Our Lord
Tells the whole world in a very loud way
That God’s favour rests on Jesus

God’s favour rests on His Beloved Son
Let us turn our faces towards Him
and ask for God’s favour to rest on us

Peace is the blessing we receive through God’s Holy Spirit
Jesus is both God and Man
and He brings peace eternal

Let us pray to live in peace
To act peacefully
and pray for everlasting peace

Lord, we ask You to send Your Holy Spirit
to give power to the quiet ones
strength to the weak, and vulnerable
and healing to the sick

2nd Sunday of Christmas
January 3rd 2021

Let us enjoy the peace of Christmas
for as long as we can
God came into this world bringing the gifts of peace
and lived among us as a Man

While we are at peace we are able to feel God’s love
and are open to receive the gift of wisdom
Wisdom enables us to know and understand the truth
We thank God for the gifts of peace, wisdom and truth

We pray to align ourselves to the Holy Spirit
and ask for God’s help
to become the people we are called to be
We are God’s children

Children are the first recipients of God’s gifts
We thank God for the birth of Jesus
and all the gifts His love brings us

December 27th 2020

On this special and holy Sunday,
we pray for ourselves and our families
The families we were born into
and the families we have grown into
by virtue of the gift of God’s love,
given to us through Jesus, Mary and Joseph

Lord, bless us and all our families,
wherever they are or may be
Sustain us with the Spirit of love
Strengthen our bonds so we never lose another
through neglect or abuse

May God heal all rifts in our families
and bring the peace that we seek and long for
Lord, You are the Prince of Peace
You are the Saviour of the world

We thank God for sending You to help us
through our times of sadness and separation
May the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph comfort us
and bring us everlasting peace