Past Sunday Prayers

4th Sunday of Advent
December 19th 2021

We are very close now
The time for You to come is very near
Any day now and You will be here
You will be among us

God made man
You are Emmanuel
God is with us
We have nothing to fear

We thank you Mary, Mother of God,
for your trust and obedience
Most importantly, we thank Mary
for bringing Jesus, Our Lord, into the world

3rd Sunday of Advent
December 12th 2021

We confidently await Your coming, Lord
For You will come again
And we have to be ready for You
With joy and happiness in our hearts

We have good reason to rejoice
To sing psalms of praise and give You glory, Lord
There is so much happiness – we cannot hold back
It springs forward spreading goodness
into the world around us

Let us prepare ourselves
by living a better life
A life of love and compassion
A life of consideration for other peoples’ feelings

We all have a significant contribution to make
Let us build a new and joyful life
for us all to enjoy
Now and forever

2nd Sunday of Advent
December 5th 2021

Lord, replace our sorrow and sadness with joy and gladness
Show us a new and a better life
Teach us to be patient and to strive for holiness
Fill our hearts with Your love

Lord, give us Your peace
Help us to prepare a place for You within ourselves,
our hearts and our homes
We ask this through Christ Our Lord

1st Sunday in Advent
November 28th 2021

Lord, I begin my journey weighed down with my burden
But You give me hope and strength to carry on
You take away my fear and anxiety
And lead me to a peaceful place

Lord, shelter me from the wind and the rain
So I might start my life all over again
Let me live my life in love for You

34th Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 21st 2021

King, whose reign lasts forever
In You, we place our trust and hope
It is easy to love a King who is as good as You

It is easy to follow Your commands
Because every word You say is true
It is easy to live in Your Kingdom
It is the natural way to be

Everything in life becomes much easier
when our faith is strong
When our love for God is so deep
it takes over our hearts and minds
and leads us to a place of peace and happiness

God holds the key
to the mystery of life and death
It is true that Jesus Christ, Son of God
and Son of Man is Our Lord,
the Universal King

33rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 14th 2021

The light of life shines eternally through the power of love
The lights of souls shine brightly in the heavens
For all the world to see

Open our eyes wide, Lord, so we can take in
the majesty of Your truth and beauty
Death does not take our loved ones away from us forever
Through You, Lord, we have the possibility of life eternal

Help us to listen to Your Word
To trust in the goodness of God
and to live every day as if it were our last

We pray to be close to God through knowing
and living the truth of life, death
and Resurrection

32nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
November 7th 2021

Lord, You are very generous with Your gifts
There is no limit to Your loving kindness
I have so little to offer You in return
Look at what I have to offer
Make it limitless too

May my life be of service to others and to You
We pray for all those who have made the ultimate sacrifice
Lord, You know what it means to give up Your life
To save others

Take all of their souls and draw them into Your heart
We give thanks for their courage
Let us not hold back from being courageous ourselves
Do not be afraid to trust in God’s love


Today, on this holy feast, we ask all the saints to pray for us
They have gone to heaven to receive their reward
They are pure in spirit
They continue to love us
They look at our suffering and they know how it feels
Their purity of heart saves us by showing us the road to heaven

Our Father takes the saints into His loving arms
They have returned to their Creator
God loves everything He created and watches over us
until we find our way back to Him
We know the road to sainthood is paved with suffering
But, with death, the suffering ends and eternal happiness begins

Blessed be the pure in heart
Blessed be all the saints who pray for us

30th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 24th 2021

The day will come when the refugees find their way home
If not, then where we live will become our home
and we shall be happy once again

The day will come when our faith will become so strong
we will be made well again
Our sight will be restored
because we ask God to help us see again

The day will come when we will have the courage
to stand up on our own
and follow Jesus, joyfully
There will be no impediment to our progress

Lord, make our faith strong
Your love saves us
and brings us home again

29th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 17th 2021

We pray for the gift of grace
to help us in our times of need
in times of pain and suffering
We know God is by our side
Through the love of Jesus Our Lord

When we have lost our way
we need to place our trust in You, Lord
Through Your guidance
we shall find the right way to serve God

In times of loss and grief
we need the touch of Your healing hand, Lord
The touch of someone who knows what is to suffer
will reassure us that, in time, all will be well again

We pray for the grace
to wait patiently for Your help, Lord
We know it will come

28th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 10th 2021

We pray to be enriched with the power of wisdom
to make us happy
in this life and the next

We pray to recognise the richness of the gifts we receive
through God’s Holy Spirit
We pray to be wise enough
to put all our trust in God Our Father in Heaven

All goodness comes from God
We belong to God through Jesus Our Lord
His Word shows us all the wealth of the world

We can see all this beauty
through the eyes of our souls
filled with love

27th Sunday in Ordinary Time
October 3rd 2021

We pray for an abundance of love
in our lives
For love is the greatest gift
we can give to one another

Lord, bless the children – may they be loved
from the moment of conception
Lord, help parents to love their children

We thank God, with all our hearts, for the gift of life
Prayer becomes stronger and more significant
when joined to the prayers of others
Together we make one prayer
We belong to one another
through the Body of Christ

26th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 26th 2021

Holy Spirit, bring us together to be One in the Body of Christ
Lord Jesus, heal us and forgive us
God Our Father, we belong to You
We pray to speak and act in Your holy name

Every good deed is a sign of God’s love in the world
Our intention is to do good in God’s name
Our reward, regardless of what we achieve, is always the same
We are all One

We belong to God and to each other
Let our actions speak for themselves
as we pray to love and serve God Our Father
Through Jesus Our Lord and the Holy Spirit

25th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 19th 2021

Everyone is equal in the sight of God
Every prayer which comes straight from the heart
is heard by God Our Father in Heaven
Lord, make our prayers as pure as the sighs of a small child

Teach us the way of gentleness
which flows from Your example
Lord Jesus, You turn our world upside down
The things of this world do not encourage us to pray wholeheartedly

Let us learn to put our trust in God
The same way a child trusts the one who truly cares for them
Love underpins the road to heaven
Prayer is the means by which we find ourselves
on that very road to God

24th Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 12th 2021

I love You, Lord, for You always hear
the cry of my appeal
You give me strength
when I am weak

You show me how to live my life of faith through love
Your love surrounds me,
shields and protects me from harm
Your hand gently wipes away
my tears of sorrow and distress

With You as my guide I find my way back
to life, truth and happiness
I love You, Lord, for You have heard
the sigh of my relief

23rd Sunday in Ordinary Time
September 5th 2021

In the silence of our hearts we pray for healing
May all impediments to health be removed
by the touch of Your holy hand

Lord Jesus, You do not judge us by our standards
We judge each other without knowing the facts
We are unaware of our own prejudices

It is time to pray for healing the rifts between us
which cause chasms to appear before us
We become separated from God
because we fall into bad ways
and are unable to climb out

Lord, help us to see You, to hear You
And to understand the wisdom of Your words

22nd Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 29th 2021

The closer we are to You, Lord,
the purer our intentions become
When our intentions are good
then our actions are wholly in line with Your will

Goodness comes from the love that fills our hearts
Take my heart, Lord, into Your heart
So that the love I have for You spreads out into the world
in acts of loving kindness

Do not let sadness pervade my being
The world can be a very sad place indeed
when people do not love or care for one another
Let my heart be full of joy and happiness
at the sight of the good things in the world

21st Sunday in Ordinary Time
August 22nd 2021

Jesus Lord, You are the Word of God
You are the Spirit of life
You enable us to live good and purposeful lives
Who else do we need to look for?

All our searching and longing for life ends with You
With You we have the way to achieve a peaceful life
Through You we can reach Our Father in Heaven
We come to You through the sacrament of the Holy Eucharist

We believe You are the Son of God
We know You give us the food and drink of eternal life
Jesus, You are the Holy One of God

Sunday, August 15th 2021


Beloved Mother of God
Humble and strong at the same time
Immaculate and Holy
You are the means by which God fulfilled His promise to redeem us

You are filled with God’s grace and you reach out to every single one of us
Thankyou for the graces we receive through your intercession
God rewarded you, eternally, and took you back into His loving arms
We pray to be rewarded in the same way,
through the love and mercy of Jesus Christ Our Lord