What is the most important thing to do every day?

Thank God you have woken up
You could have died in the night
You have woken up at a reasonable time
You’re not just alive
You’re refreshed by sound sleep and renewed by peaceful rest
That is a gift we should be thankful for

Thank God for a great beginning to the day
Saying “thank You” to God we are given strength and grace
This makes for us a brand new start
Start life all over again from new
but instead of struggling alone, ask for God’s help

Prayer is not a secret or a mystery to uncover
Prayer is as easy as breathing in and out
In with the breath of God and out we go into the world

By prioritising prayer
we make everything we do that day into a prayerful act that belongs to,
both us, and God
United by prayer we all become stronger for each other


You do not need to ask me, Lord, if I love You
You know I love You with all my heart

You do not need to ask me to follow You
I hear You
and I listen to You
to find out what You will me to do

You do not need to ask me to serve You, Lord
My life is in Your hands

I do not need You to tell me You love me
I know You love me, Lord


Words can be as sweet as honey in the mouth
They can sustain us and drive us forward
Words can have a sour effect on our whole being
They can make us feel downhearted and ready to give in

But the Word of God is life-giving
Gentle, sweet, kind and forgiving
The Word of God teaches us right from wrong
Lord, You are the Word of God
Your words are spirit and everlasting


Lord, we have more or less what we need
to live a meaningful life
When times are hard You send help
You come to our aid
whenever we pray for holy assistance

When we have more than we need to survive
We are able to respond
to the needs of others who ask for help
We are held, by Your love, in a spiritual balance
of equality and perfection


Lord, I pray to be silent
So that, eventually all the badness will go away
Remember to listen to the quiet ones
They have plenty to say

Lord, You said not one word against anyone in Your own defence
Your silence speaks volumes of wisdom
We pray to be close to You, Lord
So we too, hear the defenceless cries of the innocent

When people trample over one another to get what they want
They are not aware that the end does not justify the means
Lord, help the innocent and the quiet ones in their hours of need


The wisdom of God is written in the clouds
God’s presence is in the clear blue sky
And also, in the rain that falls on the earth in abundance
We have everything we need to create a peaceful world

The Kingdom of heaven is the road to paradise
On the way through life, we look up and see a ray of hope
A small sign that all will be well, eventually
We pray for peace and reconciliation

We pray for an end to stubborn wills and cold hearts
Which do not recognise the smallest sign of God’s love
A love so great it envelops the whole world in one hand


Pray for a heart full of compassion, always aware of the needs of others
Pray for a heart of wisdom, strong in faith, able to discern good from evil
And do good, always
Pray for a great understanding of the needs of those who turn to us for help

Lord, You give us the gift of prayer so we can communicate with You
In a way which is both personal and universal
Bring all our hearts together to one place
Unite our prayers and make them into one great and holy prayer


Where there is justice and integrity
There is God
Where there is unconditional love
There is God
Where there is lasting peace
There is God
Where there is compassion and mercy
There is God
Where there is undying generosity
There is God
Where there is beauty in abundance
There is God
Where there is truth
There is the Word of God
We see God’s world all around us
We do not see everything God has created
We can see only through the eyes of our soul the immensity of God’s creation
God is everywhere
Where there is love
There is God